1314171959Henselt’s birth town Schwabach granted a music award for the first time in the anniversary year 2014. Sandra Hoffmann-Rivero, head of the cultural office, gave it to the highly gifted Lukas Katter who qualified for that award at the federal music competition “Jugend musiziert”.
In future this award will be granted every three years ( the next will be in 2017) as part of the piano competition of “Jugend musziert”. The Henselt society supports the award financially.

Conditions: An outstanding performance of a romantic piano piece – Henselt preferably.

The prize money is 1.000;- Euro. Therefrom 500,- Euro will be given to the laureate at his/her own disposal and the other 500.- Euro will be given for further musical education (master classes, etc.) of the pianist. Its usage has to be proved.

The awardee is expected to give a concert in Schwabach.

The decision who receives the award makes the jury of the “Jugend musiziert”. Here competitors from the metropolitan area Nuremberg/Fuerth/Erlangen/Schwabach performing Henselt will be preferred over the ones performing other romantic pieces though quality of playing is equal.