Henselt 4Dr. Oskar Stollberg

The Henselt research in the birth town Schwabach started with Heinrich Krauß and Heinrich Schlüpfinger in the first half of the 20th century. But the main research did the church music director Dr. Oskar Stollberg. From 1929 until 1969 Stollberg was director of the town’s chantry and also district cantor.

He researched on music education and musicology, and was founder and main initiator of the Henselt research. Schwabach owes him the vast material about Henselt in the town museum which is now mostly kept in the so-called Henselt archives. In 1993 Stollberg was entered into the honorary book of the town of Schwabach.

Richard Beattie Davis

The British collector, musicologist and Henselt researcher Richard Beattie Davis was in contact with Dr. Oskar Stollberg early on. Both researchers had a lively exchange about Henselt’s life and works.

Richard Beattie Davis and his wife visited Schwabach regularly until his death in 2008. As a lifelong passionate collector of Henselt artefacts he supported special exhibitions at the town museum with loans and the Henselt archives with generous donations. In 2004 he bequeathed the archives of the town museum his whole collection of printings of Henselt music and musical autographs.

Gebhard Kindl

Gebhard Kindl who lives in Schwabach attends to the Henselt archives in the town museum. He published three essential books together with his wife Ursula in which the stock of the Henselt archives in Schwabach is published. He also made a summary of all the printed music available at the archives.

Autographs and Scores in the Henselt-Archive of the Stadtmuseum Schwabach
April 2015
(compiled by Gebhard Kindl)

Henselt-Archiv: Abbreviations

1. Henselt-Archiv: Autographs/Manuscript
2. Henselt-Archiv: Works with opus numbers

Henselt-Archiv: Works without opus numbers
Henselt-Archiv: Adaptations, transcriptions and editionsfrom works of other composers
5. Henselt-Archiv: Composers, that adapt works from Henselt (adaptations see 2. and 3.)
6. Henselt-Archiv: Compoers, that dedicated works to Henselt
Henselt-Archiv: Composers with a special relationship to Henselt
Henselt-Archiv: Albums and Collections
Henselt-Archiv: Piano tutorials with works from Henselt and Books

We are not allowed to copy scores for reproductions. But we can help you to find the archives that have the originals.

We used the following list of the works for the opus numbers:
– Davis, Richard Beattie. Adolph Henselt. Ein provisorisches Verzeichnis seiner Werke, Ausstellungskatalog, Schwabach 1989, mit Ergänzungen 2004
–  Hofmeister Monatshefte 1829 – 1900
–  Jürgenson Katalog der Notenausgaben, zu Henselt S. 87/88
–  La Mara

[Lipsius, Marie]. Adolph Henselt. Musikalische Studienköpfe, Breitkopf & Härtel, Leipzig 1919
–  Stollberg, Oskar. MGG 1957, S. 170 – 172